Want the best team building activity in Montreal?

Or a smash hit office party? Looking for the most fun group activities in Montreal EVER?

Get it at The Ministry!

''Thank you Ministry of Cricket! You have the best facilities ever! I had the pleasure of organizing a corporate event where we played Extreme Archery Games. It was a blast... best party ever!!''

Michael, SAP

With a bar, 14,000 square feet of turf soccer and multisports fields, equipment and animation of every kind, batting cages, ping pong, golf, room escape, FREE parking, FREE Wi-Fi, showers and washrooms, air conditioning, spectator space, event space, meeting space, mezzanine, music and much more, you’ll find everything you need to make your corporate event in Montreal the most memorable yet!

Located opposite Marché Central, bang in the middle of Montreal, we are close to metros Sauvé and de l’Acadie, Highways 15 & 40, Gares Ahuntsic & Chabanel (only 14 minutes from downtown!), 5 minutes’ drive from Laval and Ville Saint Laurent, and just 10 minutes from the West Island and Mile End! It’s so easy!

We can accomodate up to 130 people for corporate events and group activities! Whatever your budget and timetable, we’ll work with you to create the best event for your needs, whether you’re looking for group activities in Montreal, a corporate soccer tournament, meeting or conference space, fundraiser, escape room experience, or just the best party in Montreal! Choose from more than 20 sports and activities, most of which you can ONLY find at Ministry of Cricket & Other Homeless Sports!

You can pick a themed team building event such as Game of Throws, The British Invasion, or Full Metal Whackit to create competition, cooperation and fun in your workforce! Or select whatever activities you like from our vast menu of sports and amazing escape room to custom build your most memorable event yet!  We have games and challenges for all ages, likes and levels of athleticism. There’s nowhere else like it.

With qualified animators, catering options, draft beers, bottled beers, all sporting equipment included, there’s everything you need in one place! Save yourself a ton of time, effort and money in organisation, no need to find a gym and no running off to the court house for an alcohol permit that will never arrive on time – let us take care of it for you. And you’ll get the best team building party ever! That’s what all our clients say.

Remember, team building is steam building!

New! Room Escape Montreal: The Sherlock Holmes Mystery!

Opening end of June, Montreal’s most awesome escape game will be opening at Ministry of Cricket! Sherlock Holmes and Watson have been missing for 10 days and you, Scotland Yard’s finest officers, must enter his Victorian London home, follow the clues and solve the mystery of the century! You have one hour! Tick-tock! Amazing for team building, our escape games will thrill your staff and have them talking about it for weeks after! We can arrange office parties for 4-80 people. For more info, visit our Room Escape Montreal page!

Full Metal Whackit!
The ultimate office party! Choose 1-8 activities from our list of 20+ sports to cover all interests, ages, abilities, group sizes and levels of athleticism. Highly recommended you plump for something high adrenaline, like Extreme Archery Games (the #1 activity in Montreal), to get everyone pumped and channeling their inner Katniss Everdeen, plus a few mid-range energy activities (such as dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, indoor softball game) and lighter stuff (batting cages, golf and ping pong) for alongside / after. We can custom build to your preferences, provide the best animators, and all sports equipment is included! Wash it down with some beers on our mezzanine after and catering options do able too!

The British Invasion!
Your Queen would be thrilled to hear British sports are alive and well in this corner of The Canadas. Has your curiosity ever been piqued by the obscure pastimes of the English? Want to challenge your colleagues to battle in them? Now you can! Fully animated, with all the kit, divide your group into multiple teams and challenge each other to rounds of British classics, such as cricket (first national sport of Canada!), lawn bowls, field hockey, football (please do not say soccer), darts, croquet, rugby, target archery, pub quiz, lawn tennis, egg and spoon race, three-legged race, welly wanging, coconut shy, and quidditch! Discover how the British invented almost every game, instantly becoming world champions and then losing to everyone ever after. (Please note, teenage pregnancy, knife crime and truancy are not Olympic sports nor on our list at this time).

Game of Throws!
Less bloody than the TV show but equally competitive, fire your staff with this battle of endurance and skill. Divide and conquer is the game! Split into different teams from the 7 Kingdoms and challenge each other to dodgeball, bow and arrow parrot shooting, ultimate frisbee, lawn bowls, axe throwing, cricket race, frisbee-golf, darts, and around-the-table ping pong! Only one house can rule! Prove you have what it takes!

La Grande Seduction!
You all saw that movie and you all saw cricket in Mary Poppins, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Beach and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, whether you realise it or not. Like The Matrix, cricket is all around us. It spread around the globe, like syphilis, thanks to British soldiers, rising to become the most popular sport in the world. It was the first national sport of Canada. Canada vs USA at cricket was the first ever sporting international (any countries, any sports!), and indeed, the Quebec Parliament is built atop the first cricket field in the country. That means every provincial political decision in our history is founded, literally, on cricket! Where else are you going to play it but at The Ministry? Play the ultimate game in one of the best facilities in the world, right here in Montreal! We’ll challenge you to a host of fun games to teach you cricket, and finish with an indoor match! Think softball on steroids.

Hocus Focus!
Are you obsessed by Harry Potter and dream of flying? Ever wanted to play Quidditch but didn’t know how? With our in-house flying instructors, top of the range brooms and quidditch goals, learn the most mind-bending sport ever committed to paper! Quidditch is a real sport, with giddy Olympic dreams, and The Ministry is one of the only places you can experience it! We’ll train you up, build up your flying hours and get you playing a match by the end! Fancy dress welcome.

Why Team Building Works And Why it Works for You
If you want to keep your staff engaged, energised and happy in the work force, and prevent continual and costly turnovers in your team or meltdowns, you’ve got to offer something more than Facebook feeds while munching on prawn sandwiches at lunch break. Work can be stressful and repetitive, and an office environment, with the musk of machine coffee and buzz of fluorescent tubing lights, is not the ideal environment to promote social integration. You have to get your staff out. You want them to like working with you. You want them to enjoy spending time with their colleagues. The most successful businesses all have staff that say, ”We LOVE working here!” because they are rewarded for their hard work. Come Wednesday / Thursday / Friday afternoon – 2 to 12 times a year – people need a break, they need fun, and in the Montreal winter, gawd knows they mourn for grass and something other than skating or curling again. The good news for you is that the grass is always green at The Ministry! And there’s air conditioning! And that team building activities are tax deductible. Reward your staff with a three-hour party, involving the most awesome activities in Montreal. Let people run around like kids again. Let them try a sport they’ve always wanted to try. They can have a beer and a meal. Guaranteed they are going to be more energised and loyal for it!